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SB OverSeas: Protecting Refugee Children

SB OverSeas: Protecting Refugee Children

SB OverSeas: Protecting Refugee Children

SB Overseas is focusing its efforts to enrol young refugees at our education centres in Beirut and Arsal. The majority of our students live in refugee camps where they are exposed every day to street fights, drugs and gangsters. Our centres are located near these camps, where there is widespread poverty, social conditions are hard and security is loose. Many of our students have reported bullying, beatings and verbal abuse inside the camps. As a result of this mistreatment, these children are at risk of a number of major threats to their life chances, such as drug addiction or being recruited into street gangs.

For SB Overseas, this situation is of greatest importance. Many of these youngsters have missed several years of school due to the conflict in the region. Some have been so underexposed to the classroom that they have to start from zero, by learning how to hold a pencil. As they are above the age of their grade level, Lebanese public schools are unable register them alongside their peers. We begin the effort to close this educational gap by registering them in our centres, where they take an intensive programme in order to catch up with their peers. Our main goal is to at least make sure that all of these children learn how to read and write properly.

We believe this is an urgent humanitarian issue, as it is the right of every child to get the education necessary for a bright future. We look at these children though they were our own, and give them all the care and support they need. Our educational programme focuses mainly on the core subjects of languages and maths, while alongside this we provide a secondary programme of subjects to broaden the children’s perspective and awareness of themselves, the environment they live in and how to act with decency in different situations. We also make sure to keep in touch with their parents, to ensure they are given the required support and care at home. Our main mission is that our students should excel in their education and be raised up in the best way thus promising a bright future.

Let us bring together our efforts and experience to build a solid foundation for these children, whose innocence has nothing to do with the chaos and conflict in the region. Let them be role models in a society that is thirsty for bright minds and pure hearts, because the youth alone can build a better world for future generations.

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