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SB Overseas and PwC employees make difference for young refugees in Brussels

SB Overseas and PwC employees make difference for young refugees in Brussels

SB Overseas and PwC employees make difference for young refugees in Brussels

BRUSSELS, 13 May 2017

A highly motivated group of employees from PricewaterhouseCoopers offered their time on a sunny Saturday afternoon to volunteer with SB OverSeas and the young refugees of the Centre d’Uccle Croix-Rouge. PwC employees from all across Belgium brought along family members to take part, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves – so much so that they stated their firm commitment to returning and participating a second time.

As part of the “Together we make a bigger difference” week, PwC’s annual week of service, PwC’s Senior Manager Damien Dierckx and his team participated in our ‘SB Weekend’ education and integration programme for young unaccompanied refugees, which enables young refugees to open themselves up and to develop a sense of belonging in their new society, through a programme of arts, crafts and sporting activities.

While being welcomed by SB Overseas volunteers at their HQ in Brussels with a lunch and presentations of their programmes, the PwC employees demonstrated their commitment by helping to unload a truck full of clothing donations destined for refugees in the Middle East.


Together with SB Overseas’ chairwoman Louma Albik, the group went then travelled to a park near to the ‘Centre d’Uccle – Croix-Rouge’ where four of SB’s volunteers had already set up the first craft activity. Together with the young refugees from the centre, the team had to create cardboard objects around the theme of ‘hospitality’. Their work was very creative, as it included furniture, houses, cars, and even a football pitch and explained the way in which these objects were important to the idea of welcoming a guest. The volunteers and teenagers were then split into different teams for a second activity, where they competed with each other in different teamwork orientated sports games, giving an opportunity to each to demonstrate their great sportsmanship.

The day was a huge success from the very beginning, as every participant threw themselves with great enthusiasm into every activity, and developed a great team spirit with one another.


Faced with the European migration crisis, NGOs like SB OverSeas are solving some of society’s biggest problems and establish sustainable integration programmes for refugees. PwC’s global network of skilled employees is committed to supporting these initiatives, so they can proactively create the change they want to see in society. Together, NGOs and private companies can make a crucial contribution to creating and sustaining a climate of acceptance and tolerance, and to solve societal problems.

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