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Shatila, come out to play!

Shatila, come out to play!

Shatila, come out to play!

For International Children’s Day, SB OverSeas invited all children living in Shatila Camp to gather at the Classico Playground and spend the day taking part in fun activities. 500 children from different schools and centres participated in our celebration of childhood!

Throughout the day, games and recreational activities were organised by our volunteers, including pyramid building, art and face painting workshops. The “Magic for Smiles” show, by Jamie Jibberish, left children and volunteers alike laughing and in awe. In addition to this, International Children’s Day gave SB OverSeas the opportunity to raise the children’s awareness about their own rights through casual discussions and play.

Smiles, laughter and jokes were shared by all to celebrate this special occasion! In Shatila Camp, where joy is often overshadowed by poverty and strife, everyone was uplifted by the day’s festivities.

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