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Improv show for SB OverSeas

Improv show for SB OverSeas

Improv show for SB OverSeas

On the 2nd of February, the Improvnauts have organised a show in support of SB OverSeas’ programmes in Lebanon and Belgium. More than 50 people attended the play, participating in the fund-raising initiative of the improv company.

A presentation from Veronica and Jonathan, two SB OverSeas staff members, opened the event, while giving an overview of the projects run by the organisation and the possibilities for the public to get involved. The amusing show engaged the audience in active contributions, with inputs for topics, situations and characters to inspire the performance. From a sauna to a church dialogue, from anger to love, the Improvnauts made the public explode with laughter, smile and feel the positivity of the shared moment.

SB OverSeas is delighted to see its community extending and new initiatives flourish in Brussels. The creativity and interactivity of the play show the powerful effect people can have when they work together towards a common goal, thus reflecting SB OverSeas ways of helping displaced communities. Thank you to the Improvnauts for your encouragement in keeping our centres running!

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