On the 3rd of February, a Charity Walk was organised in Amsterdam to support the refugee children in our Bukra Ahla centre in Lebanon. Thank you to the restaurant Polder for sponsoring the walk and thank you to the organisers, especially Ari, for offering us an afternoon of fun and joy!

The event took place at the Science Park, early in the afternoon, and saw the participation of more than 40 children between 4 and 8 years old. During this fresh sunny day, kids had to beat their running records: 5 km for the oldest and 1,5 km for the youngest ones. At the end of the loop a certificate was accredited to confirm their participation in the walk and recognise their commitment to SB OverSeas! Rewarded with some bracelets and neckless made from the beneficiaries of our Bukra Ahla school, the Dutch children felt connected to the kids living in Lebanese camps.

SB OverSeas is equally grateful for the toys collected during the Dutch Saint Nicholas feast in December. This collaboration is refreshing for us and encouranging and we hope that the successful experience will be repeated soon!