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Come SWAP with us on Saturday!

Come SWAP with us on Saturday!

Come SWAP with us on Saturday!

Spring season is about to arrive in Brussels and we would like to help you with cleaning out your wardrobe!

Well, not only that, but also…

We would like to bring you back to the late nineties,  the time when the clothes swap idea originated in San Francisco, California. The core idea of the swap is to help you to refresh your wardrobe without waste.

The principle of this event is simple: you bring the clothes you no longer want to a place where you swap them with other people who are willing to clean up their wardrobe too!

By doing the swap, you not only save money, but also find something you love in other’s closet. It really is a win-win exchange!

In today’s world, not wasting is essential. Circular economy and sustainability are the new trends to follow as we have too many things and most of the time we end up wasting something that could have been used by other people. As the phrase goes: ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. With the clothes swap, we buy less and have the opportunity to find something that we love in another’s choice!

The motto of the event will be “Bring what you have; take what you love.”

During this event you will:

#1 Bring your clothes & accessories which don’t fit you or you don’t want anymore.

#2 Swap for new items: €3 each. 

#3 Invite your friends and stay for a drink or two at Piola Libri (Piolalibri: Rue Franklin 66-68, 1000 Bruxelles /Metro Schuman) a nice and cosy place full of books and magical people!

#4 Enjoy the whole event and smile!

SB Overseas aims to organise this event in order to send the extra clothes to refugees’ camps in Lebanon.

All unswapped items will be shipped to refugee camps in Lebanon, where SB Overseas runs non-formal schools for refugee children in order to prepare them to enter the public education in Lebanon. 

See Facebook event here.


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