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SB OverSeas and PwC together to send ’25 Tonnes of Hope’ to Lebanon

SB OverSeas and PwC together to send ’25 Tonnes of Hope’ to Lebanon

SB OverSeas and PwC together to send ’25 Tonnes of Hope’ to Lebanon

Written by Emilie Le Barbanchon, Intern at SB OverSeas

Two weeks ago, employees from PricewaterhouseCoopers joined the SB OverSeas team in Machelen to take part in loading the container for Lebanon as part of our ‘25 tonnes of hope’ campaign. Even if the weather was not in our favour, the employees came along with their families to help us with this difficult challenge!

Early on the Saturday morning, we welcomed our volunteers in the warehouse and explained over refreshments the purpose of the campaign and distributed roles. Then, the real work began. We started to fill the container: some of us were packing the boxes, some of us were filling the container, and others were keeping a registry of all things that entered the container, to inform the Head of Mission when the container will arrive in Lebanon. 

Within two hours, we had half the container loaded. It was time for lunch together where we talked about SB’s work and PwC’s previous involvement and commitment to our cause. In the afternoon, we had loaded the second half of the truck and by 6PM, our work there was done. The day was a huge success with all our volunteers involved and committed. The good atmosphere and the great team effort allowed us to fulfil our mission: sending 25 tonnes of hope to Lebanon. 

This is not the first time PwC employees had participated in our volunteering programs. At last year’s ’25 tonnes of hope’, some of the families helped us on the loading day. In addition, some of the employees are involved in our SB Espoir activities with unaccompanied minors at the Centre d’Uccle Croix-Rouge. PwC is one of our partners that share our values and bring their contribution to our mission to provide education, aid and empowerment to displaced people in Lebanon and it is thanks to them, we can carry on with this mission.


SB OverSeas ’25 tonnes of hope’ is a bi-annual campaign which aims to collect 25 tonnes of clothing and material to be sent to Lebanon where the materials collected are distributed to over 20,000 families in need. The two month campaign was launched in February with a lively breakfast and distribution of flyers, and after many days of receiving bags of clothes at our HQ in Brussels, it culminated in our loading day in Machelen.


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