Written by Nura Jaafar, Communications and Project Development Officer in Lebanon 

Last month, Muslims all over the world were fasting between sunrise and sunset as part of Ramadan. Before sunrise, they have Suhour (when they have a very early breakfast) and they end the day with Iftar (when they break their fast with dinner). It is a month to spend time with family and friends. All kinds of delicious meals are prepared for everyone to enjoy together.

However, not all of the families in Chatila have the money or the means to provide for a basic dinner in the first place, let alone for a more ‘special’ one. In light of this, SB OverSeas, with the support of donations, provided an Iftar dinner to these families and allow them to enjoy Iftar. We invited 55 students of the Bukra Ahla centre to come after school and collect fresh Lahme bi Ajeen and bread to bring home. We also brought the food to some of the homes. All 245 family members were delighted with this tasty dinner.

Later the week, we had some treats for the children. To mark the end of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Eid-il-Fitr. Eid is celebrated with good company, nice food, beautiful clothes and gifts for the children. However, not all of the families have the means to buy gifts for their children. Before the kids headed home for a long weekend to celebrate Eid with their families, SB had a surprise for them. With happy music, colourful balloons and bags filled with gifts the staff and volunteers handed out the surprise to the children. The look on the faces of all 168 children was priceless.

Note:  Iftar was provided to 55 families (who are in our centres) with a total of 245 family members.