Tell us about yourself 
My name is Cecilia and I am from Portugal. I moved to Brussels two years ago and I am currently working for a philanthropic organisation.
How did you get involved with SB
I joined SB OverSeas in October 2016. Back then I was a trainee at the European Commission and I was responsible for the coordination of a group of volunteers involved in different activities. Whilst searching for volunteering opportunities in Brussels, I came across SB OverSeas’ work with asylum seekers and refugees. Since then, I have been volunteering with the organisation at the Red Cross Center.
Favourite memory with SB?
All the activities I have participated in were meaningful and remarkable. I would however like to highlight the ‘Home Away from Home’ workshop. Throughout the four week workshop, the youth had the opportunity to express the meaning of home by drawing and painting the walls of the centre. The result was utterly touching and moving and made me realise, once more, the universality of concepts such as home, family and love.
What do you find challenging?
I don’t think I have ever faced any particular challenge with the youth, at least not anymore nor different from the challenges when dealing with other young boys.
Advice for a future volunteer?
I would say volunteering is not a hobby. It is not about filling in the space of free time. It is surely not about getting experience to be added to your CV. I think it is an act of love and humanity and ultimately it is about accountability. These are values at the core of SB OverSeas’ work. If you share the same drive, join us!

Cecilia is a volunteer with SB Espoir weekend program. Interested in spending your weekends with us? Click here to learn more.