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URGENT CALL: Arsal Storm Crisis

URGENT CALL: Arsal Storm Crisis

URGENT CALL: Arsal Storm Crisis

We are counting on you to help the 70,000 Syrian refugees in danger from snow storms, flooding and freezing in Lebanon

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Against the backdrop of the snowcapped Anti-Lebanon mountains and pillowy white storm clouds in the sky, UNHCR tents are covered by dense white snow: this is the reality in Arsal, one of the biggest Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, in one of the most precarious regions of the country.

Since the arrival of Storm Norma on 6 January, heavy rains and snowfall have hit Lebanon, most severely affecting the border town of Arsal. More than 22,000 refugees living in the camp face freezing temperatures, strong winds and the imminent threat of the temporary homes of 250,000 refugee families being destroyed by the weight of the snow or flooding.

But the severe weather continues.

Storm Miriam brings with it more snow, as well as hail, thunderstorms and high winds, expecting to exceed 100 km/h. UNHCR estimates 70,000 refugees are at risk from this storm. Even with future forecasts predicting sun, the situation may worsen due to melting snow that leaking into and flooding the shelters.

With your help, we can provide each family with the sufficient materials to keep them warm during the remaining winter weeks. Each family is in dire need of a protective cover to insulate their shelter from the cold, blankets and several litres of Mazout (the Lebanese fuel required to heat their shelter).

30 EUR buys one protective cover to insulate a family’s shelter
18 EUR pays for a blanket
20 EUR buys twenty-two litres of Mazout fuel needed to heat one shelter 12 EUR buys 1kg of milk for children

Please make any monetary donations through bank transfer or Paypal with the term “Arsal” as a reference: Paypal account: sdk.be@hotmail.com (business account)

Bank account
Bank: CBC Bank BE42 7320 3907 1954
Name: SB overseas asbl
Adresse Braine L-alleud

SB Overseas is registered as a nonprofit organization in Belgium (Registration number: BE 0533.981.634). This fundraiser is linked to SB Overseas’ bank account. For those in the US, donations to the SB Overseas US Fund through the King Baudouin Foundation United States’ page https://kbfus.networkforgood.com/projects/35528-s-kbfus-funds-sb-overseas-be?

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