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Having time away from my responsibilities and worries

Having time away from my responsibilities and worries

Having time away from my responsibilities and worries

Leading up to our 7th Annual Iftar Dinner on May 25th, we will be sharing our ##StoriesofHope written by the refugees in our centres in Lebanon.
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25-year-old woman

Before the war in Syria, our life was great. We had everything we could ask for. My husband used to work at a Petrol company and his salary was enough to provide us with a good life. After the war, his company closed and my husband lost his job. We needed money so he started his own shop. Then, Daesh entered our city and forced all the 16-17 year old boys to join them. The government started to bomb us in order to target Daesh. All the families, including us, left the country. It’s really hard to live in Lebanon, there is no life here, everything is hard. I am happy there is a place like SB’s centre because I enjoy learning new things and have some time to myself, away from my responsibilities and worries. The way I raise my children has changed and our communication has improved. I talk to them to understand their frustrations, I do not use my hands. I now know the importance of letting my children play, laugh and exercise.

Femme de 25 ans

Avant la guerre en Syrie, notre vie était excellente. Nous avions tout ce dont vous pouvez demander. Mon mari travaillait dans une compagnie de Pétrole et son salaire suffisait pour nous offrir une belle vie. Après la guerre, sa compagnie a fermé et mon mari a perdu son travail. Nous avions besoin d’argent, alors il a ouvert son propre magasin. Ensuite, Daesh est entré dans notre ville et a obligé tous les 16-17 ans de les joindre. Toute la famille, nous inclus, ont quitté le pays. C’est difficile de vivre au Liban, il n’y a pas de vie ici, tout est difficile. Je suis heureux qu’il y ait une place au centre SB parce que j’aime apprendre de nouvelles choses et avoir un peu de temps pour moi, loin  de mes responsabilités et mes inquiétudes. La façon dont j’élève mes enfants a changé et notre communication s’est améliorée. Je parle avec eux pour comprendre leur frustrations, je n’utilise pas mes mains. Je sais maintenant combien il est important de laisser mes enfants jouer, rire et s’exercer.

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