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A Hope for Peace

A Hope for Peace

A Hope for Peace

author: Raneem Khair Al-Jasem

From the countryside of Aleppo,
she is from a family of father, mother, 3 brothers and sister.
She was born on November 1 2010.
Student at Bukra Ahla in Beirut.

Syria is the paradise of God on earth. My grandfather always talks about its beauty and the kindness of its people as if he is telling a story from his imagination, but I always ask my self: is this real? Because when I started to see the life around me, I saw nothing of what he said; I just heard people talking about bad situation, destruction and ruin. That tragedy really came alive when our house was destroyed and we had to go to the capital and then to a nearby country because of my father’s work. We lived through increasingly difficult times until we got there. I hope that peace will return to my country and all countries so that no one suffers from what we have lived.

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