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Letter to the world

Letter to the world

Letter to the world

Imagine that you’re standing on a stage with a microphone, and the world is your audience. What would you want to tell the world?

Answer from Ahmad Karkour, a Syrian boy from Hama. He’s 14 years old and a grade 7 student in Saida.

Hi, my name is Ahmad and I would like to send a letter to the world and I wish that the whole world would hear it, I was a kid like all the normal kids in this world having my right to play and enjoy every single moment of my childhood but there was something stopping me which is the war.

I never heard about it (the war ) and if this thing happened nothing will come to me I’ll stay as I am normal, but what happened is totally the opposite, the war destroyed my house and our beloved people died and nothing left for us.

In one night I moved to Beirut and grew up and began to study and put a goal between my eyes and I will achieve it

but the problem is how can I reach this goal while I am not in my country, here I am facing humiliation and all the types of hard life but this won’t stop me from 

reaching my goal for my future.

My country is destroyed and it is in need

to someone who build it and support it. Because of this, I want to be a biiiig architect and I am sure that I will reach this goal.

If I complete my education, I will become one of the most famous architectures like (Zaha Hadid), then I will rebuild my country.

I wish from the people around to look after our situations and put some mercy on us…

I saw death in my eyes, while I was in Syria I thought that I will never survive alive. My younger sister was about to die because of the airplane bullets, we are not asking for something big, we just want to go home and live with some value.

I am asking the world to let us go back to our country to achieve all the things we dream about.

Wish a good life for you and your countries.

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