Early Marriage

SB Overseas, in terms of its policy as a non-governmental organization working in the humanitarian field with refugees and vulnerable groups, flatly rejects early marriage.

SB applies this policy by:

  1. Participating in conferences to protect youths from early marriage https://www.sboverseas.org/2018/06/22/child-marriage-in-the-refugee-community-a-desperate-response-born-out-of-desperate-circumstances/
  2. Carry out social and cultural awareness sessions for girls and parents to talk about early marriage and its harmful effects
  3. – Training girls on life issues that divert their attention from marriage to other things that are more effective and appropriate for their age.
  4. Spread out awareness about the issue of early marriage on social media platforms through artistic and literary works or videos with the aim of communicating it to all groups of society.

One of the most prominent artistic and literary works was the producing of the book “Just Married” by “Felix Braiseir”, who is a French director and artist who volunteered with SB in 2017 as a teacher, and during that period this book was produced. The book contains stories of women and girls who married early marriage to describe their suffering in this matter.

This book was published after the approval of the owners of the stories, but under fictitious names to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of the owners of the stories.

The link of the stories:

  1. https://www.sboverseas.org/category/press-releases/advocacy/child-marriage-comics/
  2. https://www.sboverseas.org/category/lebanon/child-marriage-comics-en/


In light of the European Union’s announcement of the asylum policy aimed at protecting refugees and taking into account non-refoulement, SB supports young refugees and women to Europe, specifically in Brussels, on several levels:

  1. The “SB Espoir”, which provides psychosocial support activities and life skills to support them in their new life in Brussels https://www.sboverseas.org/2019/12/18/the-story-of-sb-in-brussels/
  2. Through its centers in Lebanon that provide educational and psychosocial support to refugees whose conditions prevent them from going to school, as well as through the empowerment program that supports women and youth to prepare them to face life challenges in countries of asylum
  3. Participation in conferences in support of refugees, and the association participated in many conferences, the most recent was: Discussion on the EU migration policy, https://www.sboverseas.org/2018/03/24/sb-overseas-attends-a-discussion-on-migration-policy/

And training for refugee workers on resilience “a way to build resilience for refugees and for working with them” https://www.sboverseas.org/2019/10/05/professional-training-a-way-to-build-resilience-for-refugees-and-for-those-working-with-them/

Among the support activities also, SB launched the online Refugee Journal through its website and social media to support the refugees and convey the true image of their conditions. This journal includes posts from refugees themselves from drawings and writings expressing their condition and conveying their feelings https://www.sboverseas.org/category/refugee-journal/

Finally, they did not choose to be refugees, but the curse of war forced them to emigrate, so our support for people for humanity is our first goal.

Our awareness initiative is focused on highlighting the situations for refugees living in Lebanon and Brussels in order for the European and international community to hear the narratives of people in this precarious situation. 

After several years supporting refugees in Education, Emergency Aid, and Empowerment, we realized how important it is to make the voices of the people and from our community heard.
With this goal in mind we currently have a series of projects on narratives on migration and other relevant issues:
  • “Just Married” comic series by visual artist Fèlix Brassier
  • “The Refugee Journal” bi-monthly magazine with refugee-created stories, drawings and other creative works
  • Attending and speaking at events about refugee inclusion and other topics related to the context in Lebanon and Brussels, early marriage, young asylum seekers, inclusion policy, among other areas.
  • Organizing  presentations of our work at large events related to humanitarian aid and development, such as the European Development Days
  • Published field notes & research reports from the ground in Brussels and Lebanon, shared on advocacy platforms on the Brussels and EU-level
SB OverSeas attends events around Europe to promote our work and share good practices, including conferences organized by platforms that actively advocate for the rights on migrants on the Belgian , European and international level such as ECRE, PICUM, Girls Not Brides, CNCD, Oxfam, among others.

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