Dafshe Helwe Initiative for Startup Project Supports

Competitions launching Date:

Application Submissions starts on May 28th 2021 until June 11th 2021.

Applications Conditions:

→ Applicates must be Female

→ Age Must be 21 and over

Nationality is not Specified

→ The applicant must not have received financial support from other parties for the presented project idea.

→ Project idea must be dependent on the legal, health, social and environmental conditions.
Example (a soap-making workshop without a clear study of the disposal of the resulting organic waste – projects for the manufacture
of spiritual drinks or what belongs to them – projects that somehow supports any governmental agency – projects related
to the sale of tobacco or hookahs).

→ Ensure the project sustainability.

the project idea must not be seasonal, for example (agricultural projects to grow olives or seasonal fruits and vegetables)

→ in case of some of provided projects that includes providing medical care : such as a home dispensary project, a home clinic, a legal midwifery clinic … etc. (the geographical and social nature must be studied in case there are alternatives to the idea presented in the region where the applicants want implement the project).

 Commitment to attend a small project management training course provided free of charge by Soutien Belge Overseas, attendance should be 100%.

→ Applicants must submit only one Application only

→ Agreeing to publish the name and photo of the winner on all social media platforms.

→ in case of the grant will take a place of completing a preplanned project but in need of financial support to lunch the project, applicants must submit a written confirmation and commitment to implement the project within the specified period decided after the training, if the applicant is selected.

→ Mention one or more reference persons, if available.

After agreeing to the conditions, the applicants must :

1- Follow all social media platforms mentioned below, and Like, Share and Comment the initiative Post on the applicant’s personal page on all platforms (Facebook – Instagram), with the aim of spreading the initiative so that the largest amount of participants can benefit from it, and make a TAG for Louma Al-beik and Soutien Belge Overseas on each Post that the applicants repost on feeds or reshare on stories.

1- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sb_overseas/

2- Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SB.overseas.charity

2- Follow Ms. Lama Al-Baik’s platforms on all social media platforms and like,share and comment on the initiative’s post.

1- Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/loumaalbik/

2- Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/louma.albik

After sharing and following the social media platforms, the applicant must fill out the online form via the link:


The first assessment phase begins after receiving the application forms from the platform and ensuring that all conditions are met, to be selected to move to the second phase and attend the small projects startup training:

Qualified candidates for the second stage of the training course will be contacted (via e-mail and social media), by the date 13/06/2021

Attenders selection criteria for small projects startup course:
  • • New Project Idea
  • • The Proposed Idea must Support and Serves the Surrounding Community.
  • • Insuring the Project Sustainability Throughout the Project description.
  • • Clear Description about the idea Proposed Throughout the description.
  • • If the applicants have a Job
  • • Educational attainment (higher diplomas will be taken into consideration).
  • • applicants must have experience with the proposed project (this will be confirmed throughout the explanation of the applicant’s description in the application file).
  • • Selection Preference is for projects with new ideas.
  • • Take into consideration the place of residence of the applicant (developing countries).
Training Information:
Dates : 16/17/18/06/2021
Address : Online –  where training Links will be sent to eligible participants through Emails..

Training Duration: The training course will take a period of three days, three hours a day.

The course includes information on how to start, plan and market a project, and it will also help trainees to qualify for the finalists.

At the end of the course, there will be interactive questions to enable the facilitator to evaluate the trainees and qualify them to obtain the certificates of participation of the startup small projects Training from Soutien Belge Overseas,

Note: The second assessment stage begins after receiving the names of the finalists from the training course, in order to communicate with them to start the final stage, which is building the project within what has been learned from the Training and based on the basic idea presented in the first submission.

Date of contact with those who completed the training course to receive their certificates: 22/06/2021
Deadline for submitting the final project:  01/07/2021
Final results announcement: On 09/07/2021 via a live broadcast on the social media platforms mentioned in the above terms.
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