Four of SB Overseas’ volunteers in Lebanon – Kaitlyn, Sarah, Morgane and Aphra – have started a campaign to raise funds to buy Chirstmas presents for the refugee children they are working with. 

If you would like to contribute, please click on the donate button on this page, where you can enter a custom donation through our secure Paypal service. The deadline for donations is at midnight on Friday the 23rd of December.

Here are our volunteers to explain the concept of the campaign in their own words:

You may have noticed that we are in Lebanon this Christmas, volunteering with SB OverSeas. But instead of asking you to FedEx us the leftover turkey, we want you to help us help refugee kids.

We’re volunteering in schools for children who come from the besieged regions you read about in the news. Now they live and often work in inhospitable and dangerous camps on the fringes of society, from the Syrian border to the Lebanese capital.

So here’s a chance to do something small to make a big difference. We’re setting up a page where you can donate what you can before the last day of school (23rd December). Every penny raised will go towards buying these kids Christmas presents, namely toys, warm clothes and school supplies.

Thanks in advance!
Aphra, Morgane, Sarah and Kaitlyn