REPORT: Young Refugees living in Brussels

Following 5 years of supporting refugees in Brussels, starting in Parc Maximilien in 2015 and 3 years doing PSS inside centres of the Fedasil and Croix-Rouge de Belgique reception and accommodation for young refugees, we are in the position to present s critical examination of the psychosocial, legal and living conditions for
young people seeking international protection.

In this first section we outline our experience that has led us to this point in our work.

The full version of this report will be published at the end of the month as a new section will be released each week in anticipation of World Migrant Day on 18 December 2019.


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What We Do

SB OverSeas is a non-profit organisation based in Belgium dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to refugees and victims of conflict.
Our operations are divided into the following three activities: education, emergency aid and empowerment.

SB OverSeas works with refugees in two geographical focus areas: Lebanon and Belgium. In Lebanon, we distribute emergency aid and run educational and empowerment programs in our three centres based in Arsal, Beirut and Saida.

In Belgium, we work to support unaccompanied minors and adult women in four reception and accommodation centres in order to foster inclusion.