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Want to support a worthwhile cause? Need some inspiration for the next office fundraiser and community day?
At SB Espoir, we support the participation of organisations and associations in different ways, such as joining us for activities and supporting us with donations.

Join us on Community Days

Working with organisations and associations in Brussels and Europe is a key component of our work at SB Espoir. We welcome organisations and associations to come participate in our weekend activities and workshops. This can be a great idea for a community day to have your members participate in providing vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community in general.

Organisations and associations have also helped us by providing material support, as we rely on these donations to run our workshops and activities.

Want to take a step further? Help us by organizing fundraisers. We regularly work with organisations to organize fundraisers to support and bring more visibility to our work for a good cause. Contact us at for any opportunities for working together.


Make a difference today with a donation. You can help us fulfil our mission of providing much needed support to unaccompanied minors in their transition to living in Belgium.

Your donation will help to create change in the lives of many by supporting our activities and workshops with the youth living in reception centers in Brussels. You can provide a teenager with a renewed sense of purpose in their lives, as they discover what it means to be part of a new society and develop their abilities to enter the labour force.

Propose and activity or workshop

At SB Espoir, we aim to foster more partnerships with organisations and associations for the activities. Local partnerships not only enable the youth to create contacts outside of the centre but also provide the opportunity for organisations to introduce the youth to activities and practices, which in turn reveal their, sometimes unknown, talent and passion.

Read here some of the partnerships we have done for activities and workshops.

Interested in proposing an activity or workshop with SB Espoir? Then please contact the Coordinator at


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