Give care show care: New campaign to send 25 tons of clothes to refugee camps at the Turkish border

SB Overseas needs your help to reach our goal of collecting 25 tons of donations for Syrian refugees living in camps at the Turkish border Helping people in needAre you ready to clean out your closet? —You must have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, and you might be looking to revamp […]

What does the International day of girl mean for you?

I while ago I read Greg Mortenson’s famous book, Three cups of tea and a phrase stuck in my mind. He states that if you really want a make a real long-lasting change in a society, you need to start with the girls. To improve basic hygiene and sanitations standards as well as high children mortality rates […]

Professional training a way to build resilience for refugees and for those working with them

October marks the beginning of the SB OverSeas’ “SB Espoir” project’s winter cycle of activities with unaccompanied minors and women who are seeking asylum in Belgium. For this cycle, we recruited a new enthusiastic group of volunteers that will be joining us that we met last  weekend at our training and awareness day. For us, it […]

Guilty until proven minors

SB OverSeas supports the inclusion of young asylum-seeking people through the Sb Espoir project, but the protection of unaccompanied minors, recognized by the Belgian legislation—is under question. Age assessments is a procedure applied to many cases by the Belgian government, wherein 55% of the case, the youth are considered guilty until proven that they are […]

Towards an adequate protection of young people on the move in Belgium

This week we participated in a conference organized by the UNHCR and the platform for underage children in exile (Plate-forme mineurs en exil ). Scholars, public entities, NGOs and the tutors who guide the young migrants in their asylum process gathered together to discuss the ways in which we can all work together towards an adequate protection of young people on the move. During […]

Migration and Multilingualism: Encouraging diverse linguistic inclusion

As an officially multilingual country, something that’s plainly evident when you walk the streets of Brussels: it’s not uncommon to hear Turkish or Arabic spoken, maybe with a bit of a French fusion. This years UNESCO’s International Literacy Day celebrated on September 8 Focused on the theme of “Literacy and Multilingualism,” and brought us to re-think what […]

Looking to volunteer? Join SB Espoir & give hope to refugees in your community

Looking to volunteer? Join SB Espoir & give hope to refugees in your community SB OverSeas, a nonprofit organization working in Belgium and Lebanon, assisting those escaping conflicts through education and empowerment programs all while providing aid and raising awareness of the humanitarian crisis. Since 2015, we have been active supporting refugees in Brussels, from […]

How far would you go to Give Hope? Volunteering in Lebanon

For many, volunteering is an activity that habitually takes place throughout the years. For some individuals, volunteering begins at a young age with bake sales, helping at local churches or leading sports activities in community centres. For others, volunteering begins later in life, sometimes with a move to a new city looking for ways to […]

Have communications experience? Join the SB OverSeas team

WE ARE HIRING!  If you are passionate about communications, learning how an NGO works and working in the field with people on the move, then we are looking for someone just like you, don’t hesitate to apply to our paid internship position! As you might already know SB OverSeas is a non-profit organization which is […]

Bukra Ahla through Alex’s eyes

by Alex Hart, Beirut volunteer The Bukra Ahla center where we live and work is situated in between the Shatila camp and the most intensive military checkpoint that I have seen in Lebanon. If you head into Shatila, you see an area that looks a lot like projects in the US, though like the rest […]

End-of-Summer cleaning: Donate your unused clothes for refugees to prepare for winter

Are you moving to a new apartment, got a new job or cleaning out your closet after coming back from your holiday? These changes will be reflected in your wardrobe. It’s not practical to bring every single piece of clothing you own, so make use of this opportunity to de-clutter. Summer is over and now […]

Sporting-up the summer holidays for asylum-seeking youth

The last few weeks of summer are coming to a close, but many take advantage of these last days for holidays enjoying their time together and trying new things. That’s exactly what the youth from several different reception centres in Brussels did this past Thursday holiday — they came together for a day of football […]

Pizza-making with the women at the Jette centre

On 15th June, the SB Espoir team met at the Womens’ Red Cross centre Jette. Pizza making and art were the main activities of the day. The team of 5were briefed in advance on the recipe and the day’s activities. We met the women from the centre, introduced ourselves and got to know each other […]

Carpentry workshop for youth in Saida

The shelter in Saida in which our center is located houses around 1500 people. This places us in a unique position to help an entire community. While we mainly offer academic support and skills development to children, female youth and women, there was a number of male youth our programs did not accommodate. This is […]

Building relationships, trust & hope

SB’s Teambuilding Day Beirut, Saida and Arsal joined forces for a rare full-team of SB OverSeas staff teambuilding day at the Awaly Park in Saida in the last weekend of July. The day focused on building relationships, cooperation between the members of the staff, as well as to have fun together in a de-stressing way. […]

Being Syrian in Lebanon, working with a refugee NGO

by Joudy, Beirut Volunteer You know how sometimes your emotions take over, and no matter how many times you tell yourself that your surrounded by strangers and should not cry, you just can’t help it? Well, that is how most of my co-volunteers got to know me. It was during our orientation/training day and we […]

Confronting realities in Mini-Europe

Blog post by Brussels Volunteer Evelin A few weeks ago, we took some of the youth from the WSP/Uccle centers to Mini-Europe. For those not familiar, Mini-Europe is kind of an outdoor museum, housing replicas of famous European sights and landmarks. The youth seemed to enjoy it, especially taking pictures, and trying all the fun […]

New professional development workshops in Lebanon

Written by Becca Our Education Coordinator, Karla Bedggood, has introduced two professional development initiatives that have already begun enhancing the teaching and learning experiences at SB.  First, Karla is working with the full-time teaching staff at all three of our centers in Lebanon to create a unified, organization-wide philosophy of teaching and learning. She is […]

Learning how to use your physical & mental strengh through self-defense courses

Written by Ciara (Beirut volunteer leading the classes) When I started teaching self-defence with SB I didn’t realise the full extent of the impact it would have on the women and girls. I knew from working with refugee women and children for a long time that teaching self-defence would be really beneficial in terms of […]

What Are The Youth Doing? – a report from Beirut & Aarsal

Read our report on the youth living in the Beirut and Aarsal settlements, based on data collected through household surveys. The data was collected by SB OverSeas staff over the course of 2018. The total number of households surveyed was 548, representing 2,800  individuals. The data was collected in Shatila in Beirut and in several […]

Kids raise money support refugee kids’ education

Children in Amsterdam spent this past Saturday, May 18 participating in a charity  walk, or “sponsorloop”  as it’s called in Dutch, to support SB OverSeas’ Bukra Ahla centre in Lebanon. Organized by Erika van Hove from the Lidwina school and Ari van Buuren, a member of the steering committee of the United Religions Initiative, for […]

Meet Ahmad

Originally published on WorldWide Tribe 17 May 2019 Every morning of the working week I am greeted by sixteen exuberant five year olds, which is the best way to start the day. This is my Kindergarten class, the youngest children in SB Overseas’ Bukra Ahla center. They remind me every day how lucky I am, […]

Mouna and SB Espoir

I am of Syrian origin, and I have been able to see the hardships my people have experienced leaving their daily lives and arriving in an unknown place. I was emotionally moved when I saw images of all the children and parents in the camps, others walking thousands of miles to find place.  Unfortunately, […]

Soutenez les familles dans le besoin pendant votre nettoyage de printemps

SDepuis le lancement en début d’année, le projet CLOTHESUP de SB OverSeas collecte des dons de vêtements provenant de tous les coins de Bruxelles et de certaines villes belges, telles qu’Anvers et Liège, ainsi que des villages. Nous avons déjà collecté des vêtements dans les 19 communes bruxelloises. Nous avons eu la chance d’être accueillis chez vous et la […]

Reflecting on hardship – Blog by Bayan

I started volunteering with SB OverSeas in March, at the centre within the Ouzai refugee camp located in Saida. Even before receiving an answer for my application, I knew that I was getting myself into a tough challenge. Today, I have been teaching for almost three months, and there are days where I still find […]

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to”

In the rush of everyday life, we often forget to celebrate the little (or big) things that people do. Crises, refugees, terrorism are always the three words kept in mind when we look at the actual situation of the world. This one side of the story is always emphasized in political, social and communicative spheres—but […]

“I have become more hopeful towards my future”

I was under a lot of stress and felt depressed but here at SB the psychology sessions have thought me to release all of my negative thoughts in a healthy way. I feel that I have become more hopeful towards my future.

Crafts and learning skills for income

After several months SB offered me a sewing machine with which I am now creating and selling pieces of clothing from home.

Married young, but continuing her academic career

My mom and dad decided that I should get engaged to a relative without asking me if I wanted this. I was very sad but I couldn’t say no.

Improving her confidence while learning

The SB center in Saida gave me the opportunity to improve my level and gain self-confidence, I have been attending classes for a year and it makes me very happy.

Lawyer dreams at age 14

SB Overseas allows me to work on my dream to become a lawyer one day.

Stepping into a more positive environment

Going to class gives me the opportunity to get out of my depressing environment and learn things that can benefit me in my daily life.

Earning a sewing machine that made her independent

was a top rank student and got a sewing machine as reward from SB, this machine has allowed me to have a low income and now I do not have to rely on anyone else to make a living.

“I feel happy every time I attend the classes”

feel happy every time I attend the classes.

I arrived in Lebanon a single broken woman with a son

I arrived in Lebanon a single broken woman. I had nothing. I did not know what will happen to my future.

“I discovered myself at the centre”

When I registered at SB’s center, it made me really happy, the classes have helped me harness many skills like knitting, it also improved my English and Arabic.

“I have a clear life goal now: to learn and to write stories”

My character has improved, I do not get angry so easily. I have a clear life goal now: to learn and to write stories.

“My character grew even stronger than ever before”

My studies in SB’s Beirut center are great, I have learned a lot

Forget the daily struggles, even just for a moment

In Syria, before marriage, everything was just fine. When I got married my life started to get worse.

Giving her children the right tools to be empowered

Coming to SB’s Bukra Ahla center has given me the chance to learn new things, some sessions have taught me how to better handle the situation

Having time away from my responsibilities and worries

The way I raise my children has changed and our communication has improved. I talk to them to understand their frustrations, I do not use my hands.

Faith and learning in Beirut

By coming to the sessions at the Bukra Ahala center, I am learning new things that I didn’t know before.

‘Just Married’: How girls become wives

In this edition of the ‘Just Married’ series, storyteller Félix Brassier explains why young girls Syrian girls in refugee camps, like the Ouzaii shelter in Saida, leave their studies and dreams and become wives and mothers. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from the ground about the […]

#Trashtag in Brussels and Lebanon

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially an international one that transcends boundaries and connects people via the internet. The viral online #trashtag challenge has done just that. In the last few months eager volunteers, conscious of their impact on climate change, gathered together and took part in the #trashtag challenge by cleaning up their beaches, […]

The effects of a simple sewing machine

Through our recent Thread of Hope campaign, we were able to fundraise enough money to purchase new sewing machines for our empowerment centers and replace the old machines. As the previous machines were not broken but merely not suitable anymore for training the women, we decided to donate them to our best and most dedicated […]

Refugees in Brussels and Lebanon take the #TrashTag Challenge

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially an international one that transcends boundaries and connects people via the internet. The viral online #trashtag challenge has done just that. In the last few months eager volunteers, conscious of their impact on climate change, gathered together and took part in the #trashtag challenge by cleaning up their beaches, […]

Education beyond books and classrooms

Having studied human rights as part of my master’s course, I found it frustrating when my classes covered cases of human rights violations and issues with migration but I found I had no real experience in any of these areas. Partially to ease the frustration and develop my own experiences while hoping I could do […]

Welcome to Shatila

Under the shadow of thick, black clouds sweeping in from the mountains one February evening in Beirut I climbed into the back of a taxi in Gemmayze; the historic, bohemian quarter of the city, populated by hipsters and artists, and mentally braced myself for where I was about to go. I thought the pictures I […]

Life in Saida by Nisrine

I arrived in Beirut late at night, so the darkness didn’t allow me to get a real first impression of the city. However I was immediately impressed by the houses that seemed to be built in a tentacular way by growing on the top of the mountains. Thousands of lights shining across the mountainous landscape, […]

‘Just Married’: Faïza’s story

My name is Faïza. I’m 13 years old and I’m at the end of my life. Something is eating me from inside and the outside want to kill me.I can’t see nor the sun nor the people I love anymore. Read Faïza’s story through the incredible artwork and storytelling of Félix Brassier. Since the beginning of 2018, we […]

Women in conflict, a discussion with the UN University

Women are not victims, and when empowered and included in peacekeeping operations, solutions are much more tangible and sustainable. This was the central message that resonated from a discussion on International Women’s Day at the UN University, of what could happen when women are given leadership roles in post-conflict situations and what can happen when […]

“Teacher! Teacher!”

When I first arrived at SB Overseas centre in Saida I remember feeling incredibly nervous. I had never really taught before and had no idea what to do with a room of twenty kids, let alone twenty kids who didn’t speak the same language as me. However, one of the senior volunteers quickly reassured me […]

‘Just Married’: May’s Story

Before she even turned 18 years old, May had fled from violence twice in her life. The first time from war in Syria, and the second from her abusive mother-in-law after she got married. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from the ground about the practice of […]

Inspiring Others to Believe in the Power of Their Ideas

By Maria Rosales, volunteer coordinator for SB OverSeas.             One of my favourite parts of being a Volunteer Coordinator is to meet others who are passionate about social change. Working with SB Overseas, I have the priviledge to meet persons whose motivation, creativity and dedication inspire me on a daily basis. We at SB recently […]

Volunteering with SB OverSeas… crossing the borders

If you think  my following words will describe to you what refugee children and youth currently living in Brussels witnessed during the war, their dangerous journey to Europe and their everyday life, I am sorry to disappoint you. I will guide you through another side of refugee life, because, there is no single side of […]

“Just a bit stronger, a bit smarter, and a bit more confident than the day before”

Class starts at 1:30pm with Arabic, but it is not until 2:30 when we, the volunteers, enter. First for mathematics, then for English starting at 3:10.         The class is called “Basic Literacy and Numeracy,” or BLN for short. It is during the third shift of class for the day, but the girls – and […]

Youssef’s story by Sandon

BEIRUT, Lebanon – The children of SB Overseas are among the most vulnerable in the world. Consider Youssef, a 9-year-old boy in grade 0 at SB OverSeas’ Bukra Ahla center in Beirut. He was born in Manbij, Syria – a city well-known before the war for its educational institutes, archeological sites, a vibrant cultural heritage, […]

A Week of Love

With Valentine’s Day in the air, in the month of February, we reflected on what love means to our communities and our work. To help spread more love, our Week of Love Campaign highlighted the tote bags made by the women in our Empowerment Programme and customized by the youth at our centres. Everyday we […]

Students in Saida pass public school exams

During the second week of February, many of our students had important exams in public school. As a result, the end of January and beginning of February were dedicated to revision in our center. SB staff and volunteers arranged a meeting with the teachers from the main public school our students attend. The volunteers were […]

Finding a new life for your old clothes

Are you extremely busy but still you do want to donate some of your clothes? That’s not a problem for us! We have just established a new way of picking up the clothes from your door. The only thing you have to do is make a request through the CLOTHEUP project and we will pick […]

On saying goodbye in Brussels

Long-time SB Espoir volunteer Zoheb Mashiur shares with us his experience building relationships in Brussels through the volunteer programme: Brussels is an odd sort of town where everyone shuffles in and out. You should get used to saying goodbye – but you never really do. The nature of our volunteering work at SB Espoir is […]

Finding a new home in Lebanon

Every two months international volunteers come from all over the world to teach at SB’s non-formal education centres in Beirut or Saida, as they join our Lebanon Volunteering Programme. Recently, some of our wonderful volunteers told us what they have enjoyed the most about their time in Lebanon. To them, it has become a new home […]

Give your CLOTHES UP for a good cause

Give your clothes a second life in the hands of refugees in need Originally published in the Brussels Express. CLOTHESUP gives you the opportunity to declutter your wardrobe to give clothing you want to give away to people who need them. Your second-hand clothes may be given new life in the hands of refuges in […]

Improv games empower refugee youth, builds bonds

How do you learn about someone when you don’t speak the same language? Or come from the same culture? Many people would find this to be a demanding task. How do you overcome it? In the case of young refugees that arrive to Belgium, this is a task encountered on a daily basis. In their […]

‘Just Married’ Amara’s Story

Amara lives in the Saida shelter in Lebanon and she was a star student in SB OverSeas’ classes, until she no longer could come to school. She got married, pregnant, had a miscarriage and got pregnant again and had baby Amina. But she was just 13 years old. Read her story as told through the […]

Rosa’s Student: A Story of Strength

By Rosa Heinen Any person who were to visit the center here in Saida would most likely think that it looks like a regular school, with regular children. With classes going on as usual and the children participating with enthusiasm, it doesn’t seem like much out of the ordinary. After staying for a longer period […]

THREAD OF HOPE Campaign Report

In August, we started a fundraising campaign called ‘Thread of Hope’, placing focus on our Women Empowerment Programme, a significant component of which are the sewing classes. During one of the regular field visits, SB Overseas’ chairwoman noticed some of the sewing machines at the centres had diminished in quality and were no longer suitable […]

Emergency Aid to Arsal Settlements During Lebanon Storms

BEIRUT, Lebanon– Since our campaign started at the beginning of January, your support has helped families survive the freezing temperatures and snowfall: Against the backdrop of the snowcapped Anti-Lebanon mountains and pillowy white storm clouds in the sky, UNHCR tents are covered by dense white snow: this is the reality in Arsal, one of the […]

Francesca’s Brussels Bucket List

Hello everyone, My name is Francesca and I am a bubbly Italian, landed in Brussels in September 2018. I moved here after completing a dreadful – but extremely constructive – master’s degree at the University of Portsmouth, UK. I carried with me two big suitcases of clothes, and a glittery one full of dreams. Because […]

URGENT Call: Aarsal

Urgent appeal: We are counting on you to help the 70.000 Syrian refugees threatened by snowstorms, floods and colds in Lebanon Brussels, Belgium – at the foot of the snow-covered massif of Anti-Lebanon and under a sky full of stormy clouds, the tents of The UNHCR are covered in white and dense snow; This is […]

URGENT CALL: Arsal Storm Crisis

We are counting on you to help the 70,000 Syrian refugees in danger from snow storms, flooding and freezing in Lebanon BRUSSELS, Belgium – Against the backdrop of the snowcapped Anti-Lebanon mountains and pillowy white storm clouds in the sky, UNHCR tents are covered by dense white snow: this is the reality in Arsal, one […]

“Just Married”: Mervat’s Story

Continuing our comic series on early marriage, this month we learn about Mervat’s story through the incredible artwork and storytelling of Félix Brassier. Read all the comics in the series here. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from the ground about the practice of child marriage. This […]


Year: 2018                                                                         Année: 2018 Center location: Beirut                                                     Localité du centre: Beirut Project manager: Wael Hajji                                            Gestionaire du projet: Wael Hajji (EN) Educational activities or courses that took place in 2018. (FR) Les activités éducatives ou les cours qui ont eu lieu en 2018. (EN) Regular mandatory courses: Arabic, English, math, science, awareness, life sills, general […]


Year: 2018                                                                       Année: 2018 Center location: Saida                                                    Localité du centre: Saida Project manager: Bethany Dill                                      Gestionaire du projet: Bethany Dill   (EN) Educational activities or courses that took place in 2018. (FR) Les activités éducatives ou les cours qui ont eu lieu en 2018.   (EN) Core courses: Math, Arabic, English, Science, Life skills, […]


Year: 2018                                                                    Année: 2018 Center location: Arsal                                  […]

Education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon report

SB Overseas has published this report to give a comprehensive overview of the situation of the education of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the challenges that our team meets on a daily basis. Find the full report here: Education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon here’s an excerpt from it: “… All children in Lebanon, including […]

SB Espoir celebrates its 50th activity in 2018

As the New Year approaches, I would like to take this chance to share a personal message to all of you: Last week we had our 50th SB Espoir activity for the year of 2018!  For this special occasion and our last activity of the year with the newly partnered Fedasil Centre in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (WSP), […]

Acts and gifts that give hope during the holiday season

First published 21 November on the Brussels Express. It’s the end of November and we’re quickly entering a period where we celebrate the end of the year and the holiday festivities that come with it: Christmas markets, gathering with our loved ones, and giving back to the community. As an MA student, I’ll be writing […]

How do you share an orange? – Innovative problem-solving workshop empowers refugee youth | Brussels Express

First published in Brussels Express on 5 December. Written by Niki Papadogiannakis. How do you share an orange? On first instinct you might think, “cut it in half, so it’s even.” But is that the best answer? This dilemma was posed to the youth at the Red Cross refugee accommodation centre in Uccle recently, where one team […]

Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon REPORT

SB OverSeas is releasing this report proving an overview of the situation for education of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the challenges that our team has encountered.  Read the full report here: Education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon Here is a brief excerpt: … All children in Lebanon, including Syrian refugees, have a right to free […]

‘Just Married’: Aisha’s Story

Continuing our comic series on early marriage, this month we learn about Aisha’s story through the incredible artwork and storytelling of Félix Brassier. Aisha finds herself in Lebanon after fleeing the war in Syria and without any school to go to. Her family decides the best future for her is to be a wife, but […]

The Ripple Effect of a Kenyan Girl’s Lament: an Interview with S&D MEP Linda McAvan

This week, SB OverSeas’ Maria Rosales stepped out of her role as volunteer coordinator for Brussels and Lebanon and into the role of interviewer. She spoke to S&D MEP Linda McAvan from the UK about advocating for women’s rights and the relationship of EU institutions with NGOs like SB OverSeas that work on the ground. First published […]

Human rights & asylum in Europe: A report from ECRE conference in Belgrade

Report by Marco Cagnolati, project coordinator at SB OverSeas from the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) Annual General Conference (AGC) in Belgrade November 6-9, 2018. Among over 200 participants at the conference in Belgrade, our SB Espoir coordinator, Marco Cagnolati, from SB OverSeas attended the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) Annual […]

Friendly football match: Refugee youth vs University students

First published in Brussels Express on 14 November. Written by Niki Papadogiannakis. “This was the best football match in my life ever,” an ecstatic rain-drenched goalkeeper exclaimed to the group gathered on a pitch. It was a brisk Brussels Sunday afternoon in Ixelles, where the refugee youth from the Red Cross Centre in Uccle (whom […]

‘Just Married’: Unborn Child

The second comic in the series by Félix Brassier tells the story from the perspective of the unborn baby of a child bride. The unborn baby asks questions about the future. Born into a refugee camp to a broken family, the child faces an unfortunate and grave reality before even being born. Since the beginning of this […]

Thread of Hope: Inas’ Story

A kind-faced woman, modestly clothed in a dress and hijab, sat next to me. Surrounded by the hum of student chatter from the classrooms nearby, we smiled and greeted each other in the psychologist’s office at the SB Overseas School in Saida, Lebanon. I asked if I could write a story about her. She agreed […]

Volunteering with SB: Pierre’s Story

1.      Tell us about yourself My name is Pierre Schelameur, I am 23 years old. I am French-American. I grew up in Paris and moved to the US for my Bachelor’s degree. I studied International Development at American University in Washington DC. I have been working with SB for more than 5 months now. 2.      How did […]

Volunteers bring fitness to the men of Saida

Starting in mid-September, I, along with another volunteer named Taz, have been running a men’s fitness class at the Saida Center. Inspired by the women’s fitness class, that was already taking place, Taz and I felt that it would also benefit the men of the community to have such a class. Numerous studies show that […]

International Day of the Girl: Mervat’s Story

To mark International Day of the Girl, 11th October 2018, we wanted to draw attention to one of our teachers who was married young and following the outbreak of the Syrian conflict, found herself in Lebanon. In a new country, she learned sewing with SB OverSeas as a means to earn economic independence. Recognising her innate […]

Thread of Hope: Ibtesam

Thread of Hope is a campaign in order to raise funds for new sewing machines. For our women in Lebanon a sewing machine equals an opportunity to not only earn a source of income, but to build a community. Read more about our campaign here. Ibtesam is the fifth part in an eight part series […]

‘Just Married’ : Fatima’s Story

Since the beginning of this year, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from the ground about the practice of child marriage. This started when our chairperson visited Lebanon last September and was served a cup of tea by a child bride. Since then, SB OverSeas has been determined to raise awareness on […]

Meet Marco: our new SB Espoir coordinator

When I joined SB Overseas as the new SB Espoir Project Coordinator last month, I was excited about this new adventure in my life. Before moving to Brussels, I was living in Johannesburg, South Africa doing my fieldwork research project on the development of informal small businesses for my master’s programme. Being of Italian and […]

Volunteering with SB OverSeas: To a better tomorrow

“We all have the power to make a difference, by just keeping things simple”. That is what one of our volunteers said motivated her to embark on a new journey to Lebanon.   Since 2014, SB OverSeas has worked in Lebanon to provide education to the many refugee children out of school and facilitate access […]

Volunteering in Lebanon: Sandon’s Story

1. Tell us about yourself My name is Sandon Mims. I am from the United States, and was born in St. Augustine, Florida. I am 23 years old and graduated from the University of Florida in 2017. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Political Science, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to work for one year […]

Volunteering in Lebanon: Madison’s story

Today we are talking to Madison, who is currently volunteering with us in Lebanon. After having come over in July for two months she deciding to stay a further two months with us. 1. Tell us about yourself Hi y’all, my name is Madison from the US! I’m 22 years old, and I’ve just graduated […]

Thread of Hope: the story of Iman

Thread of Hope is a campaign in order to raise funds for new sewing machines. For our women in Lebanon a sewing machine equals an opportunity to not only earn a source of income, but to build a community. Read more about our campaign here. Iman is the fourth part in a four part series […]

SB OverSeas speaks at Conference on Non-formal Education in the Middle East and North Africa

12 September 2018 Issam Fares Institute at the American University of Beirut  Written by Caroline Bullen, Communications and Development Officer in Beirut The Syrian conflict has not only caused significant loss of life and livelihoods but created a generation in urgent need of education throughout their prolonged displacement. Especially in Lebanon, the state does not […]

Thread of Hope: Noura’s story

Thread of Hope is a campaign in order to raise funds for new sewing machines. For our women in Lebanon a sewing machine equals an opportunity to not only earn a source of income, but to build a community. Read more about our campaign here. Noura is the third part in a four part series […]

Thread of Hope: Seeking Seamstresses

Thread of Hope is a campaign in order to raise funds for new sewing machines. For our women in Lebanon a sewing machine equals an opportunity to not only earn a source of income, but to build a community. Read more about our campaign here. Fatima is the second part in a four part series of […]

Thread of Hope: Fatima’s story

Thread of Hope is a campaign in order to raise funds for new sewing machines. For our women in Lebanon a sewing machine equals an opportunity to not only earn a source of income, but to build a community. Read more about our campaign here. Fatima is the first part in a four part series […]

‘Just married’: Child Marriage in Syrian refugee communities

When you think ‘just married’, what do you think of? For me, I think of a banner strewn on the back of a car driven by two happy newlyweds. A happy thought, a happy day and a start to a happy life. Everything a wedding and marriage should represent.   However, for some, this is […]

Eid Al-Adha with SB OverSeas

From Beirut, to Arsal to Saida, we took the opportunity to celebrate the holiday of Eid Al-Adha with the students and youth attending our schools and centres. Every celebration is an opportunity to bring some happiness and fun into the lives of our students. For this celebration, we distributed some sweets during class and also […]

‘Thread of Hope’

Last month, our chairperson was in Lebanon visiting the work we do on the ground. As part of this visit, she took part in some of the sewing courses as part of our empowerment program. She noticed that some of the machines were worn due to their overuse. The women had made good use of […]

Lebanon through the eyes of youth

Written by Shahm, the son of the chairperson of SB OverSeas. This summer, the fifteen-year old boy had the opportunity to visit our centres in Lebanon. In light of Youth Day, we want to shine the light on the youth who are a part of our organisation.    I arrived in Beirut on the 28th […]

A letter to my mother: the journey of a Syrian man

Originally translated from Arabic.  “I know that you are tired and that the darkness around your eyes is just a dove floating everyday around a holy shrine.” Oh my beloved mother, they asked me to write and when I started writing you were the first one who came to my mind. As they say, the […]

The story of our student Qamar

Our aim at SB OverSeas is prevent a ‘lost generation’ from occurring. We do this through our three schools in Lebanon which provide education to those children who would otherwise not be in an educational setting. Qamar is one of those students. Qamar is 13 and loves school. She dreams to one day be a […]

Dan Thompson: runs 10km in Arsal

Dan Thompson from Run the World joined SB OverSeas in Arsal to carry out his mission of running 10km. He is currently undertaking the commendable challenge of running 10km in every country in the world in order to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. Some countries are a little bit more difficult to access than […]

Life at Thirteen Years Old – A future stolen

Written by Nile Watson-Batista, a volunteer in Lebanon, with the help of SB staff. Amara was the girl in the front row of every class, hand always raised begging to answer the teacher’s question. She had little inside jokes with her teachers in both English and in Arabic. The head of the organization saw in her a […]

Volunteering in Lebanon: Alex’s story

Tell us about yourself Heya everyone! I am Alex from Romania, I have worked for five years in the cruise industry, mostly organising tours. For the past year, I have been a freelancer. Therefore, I have traveled to Egypt, Iran and Lebanon where I taught English, wrote, danced, tasted and experienced different cultures and had […]

The Chief’s Daughter

Written by Kevin Charbel, Project Manager in Saida, Lebanon   I still see her sometimes, walking through the maze of corridors in the shelter she lives in. Our eyes will meet for the briefest of moments as she smiles nervously before dropping her gaze, and passing me by silently. In that instant I feel the […]

SB OverSeas wraps up its #GiveHope campaign in Lebanon

In April, SB OverSeas launched its second annual #GiveHope campaign. The aim of this campaign is to raise funds to provide education for over 1400 children attending our schools.   As part of the #GiveHope campaign, the team in Lebanon did a number of activities including visiting the Children’s Cancer Centre in Lebanon, an Arts […]

Child Marriage in the Refugee Community: ‘A desperate response born out of desperate circumstances’

  In light of World Refugee Day, SB OverSeas had the opportunity to speak at the European Parliament on the increasing rise of child marriage in the refugee camps in Lebanon. The event was opened by Soraya Post and Jean Lambert who both highlighted the importance of tackling the issue of child marriage worldwide. The […]

Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak from Bukra Ahla!

Written by Nura Jaafar, Communications and Project Development Officer in Lebanon  Last month, Muslims all over the world were fasting between sunrise and sunset as part of Ramadan. Before sunrise, they have Suhour (when they have a very early breakfast) and they end the day with Iftar (when they break their fast with dinner). It is […]

SB Espoir: Iftar with the American Embassy

Last night, SB OverSeas and youth from the Red Cross Belgium attended an Iftar dinner hosted by the American Embassy in Belgium. The event took place in Allee du Kaai, a former warehouse now turned into a community space by Toestand, who aim to rejuvenate abandoned buildings to make them for the community. It was in […]

‘Let’s make sure that girls can be girls and not brides’ – #EDD18

Yesterday, marked the closing of the 12th European Development Days (EDDs). This conference attracts over 8,000 participants from over 140 different countries. The two-day conference focused on gender equality and the empowerment and engagement of women in sustainable development. SB OverSeas attended a number of panels focusing on those pertaining to migration and gender-based violence. We had […]

SB Espoir visits an urban farm

Last Sunday, SB Espoir headed as usual to the Fedasil centre in Neder-Over-Heembeck. This week, our volunteers and youth were all going together to the Urban Farm in the centre’s vicinity. After our walk there, we were warmly welcomed by those running the farm. We started by introducing ourselves and mentioning our experiences with farms. […]

A lost childhood – Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Written by Jade-Leigh Tenwick, Communications and Development Officer at SB OverSeas  This article tells the story of Ream, an eighteen year old who attends one of our SB OverSeas centre. SB OverSeas has three centres in Lebanon where we run education and empowerment programs. Ream left Syria at the age of twelve shortly after the […]

Over 400 people attend our annual fundraising Iftar Dinner

This year’s SB annual fundraising dinner was held at the glitzy Salle Mille et Une Nuit. With tables set and food prepared, we were ready to welcome our guests. The guest were escourted to their tables. Some tables were called‘I want to be a doctor’ and others ‘I want to be an accountant’. All in […]

SB OverSeas pays a visit to the Children’s Cancer Centre in Lebanon

Written by Nura Jaafar, Communications Officer and Project Development at SB OverSeas Lebanon On the first day of Ramadan, a team from SB OverSeas visited the Childrens Cancer Centre Lebanon (CCCL) in Beirut. In light of the #GiveHope campaign, SB OverSeas was able to donate twenty of our handmade dolls as a gesture of goodwill […]

Only a stone’s throw from the Syrian border: Syrian refugees have to overcome the hardest winter in Arsal, Lebanon

Redacted version of original. Read original here (in German). Merely a stone’s throw away from the Syrian border, Syrian refugees were getting through one of the hardest winters in the Lebanese town of Arsal. The hardest time of the year for those living in the mountainous region located by the Syrian-Lebanon border is nearly at an end. […]

A child separated from her child

Article written by Jade-Leigh Tenwick, Communications and Development Officer at SB OverSeas At twelve years old, Yosser was asked for her hand in marriage. Her life had been normal up until the disruption caused by the Syrian conflict. She had spent her childhood going to school and playing with her friends in the neighbourhood. This […]

No Lost Generation: SB OverSeas calls for pledges from Syria-Brussels conference to be fulfilled

Last Thursday, SB OverSeas gathered in front of the European Commission in their #GiveHope t-shirts. Following the Syria-Brussels conference the week before, which brought together 86 delegations and over 250 NGOs to discuss how to support the future of Syria, we felt it was the perfect time to redraw attention to the situation in Lebanon.  The two-day conference, held […]

No choice left for a girl but to marry…

No one escapes war unchanged. Who can lose the past and the future at once without bearing a scar? The young and old are marked, though for most, these marks take invisible forms. Nadine wishes hers were less apparent. The burns on her hands, neck, and face tell of her loss before she can say […]

SB OverSeas and PwC together to send ’25 Tonnes of Hope’ to Lebanon

Written by Emilie Le Barbanchon, Intern at SB OverSeas Two weeks ago, employees from PricewaterhouseCoopers joined the SB OverSeas team in Machelen to take part in loading the container for Lebanon as part of our ‘25 tonnes of hope’ campaign. Even if the weather was not in our favour, the employees came along with their families to […]

Colours of Hope Arts and Crafts Showcase

Written by Nura Jaafar, Communications Officer for SB OverSeas Lebanon On Friday the 27th of April, SB OverSeas Lebanon swapped its classrooms for the ‘Colours of Hope’ Arts and Crafts Showcase at T-Marbouta restaurant in Hamra Beirut. In light of the annual #GiveHope Campaign, we decided to present some of the arts and crafts that were created […]

Home away from Home – An interview with Lina Kusaite

  This month at SB Espoir we had the opportunity to do a series of workshops with the illustrator, eco-artist and coach Lina Kusaite. The workshops focused on the theme of ‘home’ and its meaning. We got an opportunity to sit down with Lina and ask her a few questions on her experience. 1. What […]

April Brussels Conferences and Events

The last week, SB OverSeas attended a number of conferences as part of the Syria-Brussels Conference. On Monday, we started with a conference at the European Endowment of Democracy ‘Addressing the Challenges of the Refugee Protection.’ This conference brought together a number of speakers discussing the three different forms of fatigue amongst the refugees themselves, the […]

“Education closest thing to magic you can give a child”

On Tuesday, SB OverSeas got the opportunity to meet the magician Dynamo and President of TheirWorld Sarah Brown, who are advocating for the right of education for every Syrian child. We were invited by Linda McAvan, a long-time supporter of SB OverSeas. Dynamo and Sarah Brown both emphasised the importance of education and brought attention to the […]

SB OverSeas is now member of PICUM!

Written by Emilie Le Barbanchon, Intern at SB OverSeas PICUM short for Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants is the only international network of organisations working exclusively to uphold the rights of undocumented migrants by ensuring they can access education, healthcare, housing, work and legal aid, and other fundamental rights. PICUM counts 151 member organisations from […]

SB OverSeas represents at the American University of Beirut

This week, our team in Lebanon got to meet many eager and enthusiastic university students at the NGO fair organised by the American University of Beirut (AUB) in collaboration with Saint Joseph University (USJ). This fair aimed to bring together local and international NGO’s active in Lebanon. The two-full day exhibition was an opportunity not only to meet students and showcase […]

A better tomorrow: Bukhra Ahla

Written by Jade-Leigh Tenwick, Communications and Development Officer at SB OverSeas Lamis is a seventeen year old girl. A seventeen year old girl who is called ‘the divorced woman’. Yet she is barely a woman. Born a year post millennium, she enjoyed her childhood in Syria which was spent going to school and playing with […]

Welcome our newest #GiveHope ambassador: Sally Elbassir from Passport and Plates

Welcome to our newest ambassador for our annual #GiveHope ambassador, Sally Elbassir from Passport and Plates. Sally, an Arab-American travel blogger. SB OverSeas is currently running its #GiveHope campaign which aims to provide education to 1,400 children in Lebanon. Be part of our #GiveHope annual campaign

Be part of our #GiveHope annual campaign

About the #GiveHope campaign: SB Overseas is launching its second annual #GiveHope campaign. Last year, thanks to your support, we managed to enable 1180 children to attend school in Lebanon. This year, our aim is to surpass that achievement with our new goal of placing 1400 children in schools. The Syrian war has caused millions […]

Charity Clothes Swap a success!

A couple of weeks ago on a sunny Saturday, we gathered in the classic Piolalibri for some wine, food and of course clothes swapping in aid of SB OverSeas. The event was a success and we raised 530 EUR as well as collecting a mountain of clothes. So much so that they almost did not fit in […]

Education and Empowerment to #GiveHope to young girls

As written by Zuzana, a volunteer at SB OverSeas in Lebanon. SB OverSeas is currently working to provide education in Lebanon for 1,400 refugee children. This story shows how education and empowerment is an important tool in preventing child marriage from the perspective of those in the ground in Lebanon.    Before the war began, […]

Welcome our new Ambassador: Ainsley about the World

We would like to extend a grand welcoming to our first in the series of many #GiveHope ambassador, Ainsley about the World. Ainsley, a travel blogger from New Zealand was in Lebanon back last May and fell in love with the country. SB OverSeas is currently running its #GiveHope campaign which aims to provide education to […]

The Women of SB Espoir

In honour of International Women’s Day, this week we are shining the light on the women who make SB Espoir a reality. SB Espoir is a program run by SB OverSeas and supported by volunteers, which aims to foster integration of unaccompanied minors living in asylum centres. In this article, we would like to bring […]

Child Marriage: Sherine’s Story

As written by Raisa Elhadi, who is currently volunteering with SB Overseas in Lebanon This is a story of a girl named Sherine, but her name could be Amina, or Amal, or Sara, or any one of hundreds, even thousands of names of girls with almost the same story. Girls whose futures have been wrested […]

SB OverSeas attends a discussion on EU migration policy

On the 22nd March, SB OverSeas attended an open forum in la Venerie which attempted to question our prejudices in response to the question of migration. The panel was attended by CNCD, Amnesty BE Francophone, ‘Deux euros cinquante’, Georges-Louis Bouchez and a representative from the European Commission. After introductions of the panelists, the floor was opened […]

‘My Children’ and me – between Brussels and Cairo

In memory of the victims of the 2016 Brussel’s bombings An account by a SB OverSeas volunteer who was on the metro during the attacks on 22 March 2016. – 16 January 2016: First day of activities with the children: I share their language and their colour amongst other things….However, I chose to be here in Brussels. […]

A Profile of a Teacher: Abdullah Al-Hussein

Abdullah Al-Hussein has been teaching at the SB Overseas Bukra Ahla school and center in Beyrouth since 2016. As part of the staff since October 2016, he mainly teaches Arabic and Mathematics for Years One and Two. Before becoming a teacher, Abdullah left his native Syria to study at a Lebanese university where he majored […]

Come SWAP with us on Saturday!

Spring season is about to arrive in Brussels and we would like to help you with cleaning out your wardrobe! Well, not only that, but also… We would like to bring you back to the late nineties,  the time when the clothes swap idea originated in San Francisco, California. The core idea of the swap […]

Our #GiveHope campaign is live!

SB Overseas is launching its second annual #GiveHope campaign. Last year, thanks to your support, we managed to enable 1180 children to attend school in Lebanon. This year, our aim is to surpass that achievement with our new goal of placing 1400 children in schools. The Syrian war has caused millions of people to flee […]

SB OverSeas chosen as Charity of the Year

Now I want to help myself… our parents didn’t try to educate us. Now I can provide myself to learn and be able to support myself and be independent. I wanted to be educated, now I’m happy with myself. It makes me feel alive.   SB Overseas was recently awarded as Charity of the Year […]

SB OverSeas presents volunteering programme at the European Parliament

On the 15th of February, the Schuman Trainee Committee invited SB OverSeas at the European Parliament to share its experience about refugee integration in Belgium. The conference aimed to bring together grass root organisations involved in facilitating the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the Belgian society. Singa, Refugees Got Talent and Tandem joined […]

Girls Are A Worry Until Death

Mariam’s family was always known for being progressive. Her father allowed the girls to decide when to start wearing the hijab. Mariam didn’t start wearing it until she was 11, when her Islamic middle school wouldn’t allow her to attend without covering her hair. Her father received countless complaints from family members and friends, asking […]

By children for children: Charity Walk in Amsterdam!

On the 3rd of February, a Charity Walk was organised in Amsterdam to support the refugee children in our Bukra Ahla centre in Lebanon. Thank you to the restaurant Polder for sponsoring the walk and thank you to the organisers, especially Ari, for offering us an afternoon of fun and joy! The event took place […]

Launching our “25 tonnes of hope” campaign!

On Saturday the 17th of February, a gathering of dozens of volunteers is organised at our Brussels headquarters for a lively breakfast to begin our “25 tonnes of hope” campaign the right way. This kick off marks the initial awareness raising stages of our clothes collection campaign and is followed by the distribution of flyers […]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a community!

From the 1st to the 14th of February, our #HumansofSB campaign helped us all to remind ourselves and valorise the bonds and friendships that have shaped within the SB OverSeas family. Pictures of two people and a few words relating to their exchange between the two persons were shared across our social media to remind […]

Capturing refugee portraits

One by one, sleepy teenage boys in their uniform rubber flip-flops began to show their faces as we rounded up in the common room. With one accounted for, another disappeared off and it became clear than not enough youths would be coming with us. Disappointed, we left the center and made our way to catch […]

Anniversary: A year of growth in Saida

As Saida Center observes its first anniversary, SB OverSeas announces its success and reports that it will renew and expand programs in Saida in 2018. Saida Center, SB’s newest and largest project in Lebanon, opened one year ago at Ouzai shelter, an unfinished and abandoned complex that houses 1,500 Syrian refugees. About 320 children are […]

Chasing a childhood in Shatila

Originally from Syria, Majeda, her mother and five siblings left their native village Dayr Hafir in search of a stable life. The conflict between ISIL and other groups fighting for power had forced the family to cross the mountain chain on the Syrian Lebanese border whereby the family entered Lebanese territory. In the year it […]

Improv show for SB OverSeas

On the 2nd of February, the Improvnauts have organised a show in support of SB OverSeas’ programmes in Lebanon and Belgium. More than 50 people attended the play, participating in the fund-raising initiative of the improv company. A presentation from Veronica and Jonathan, two SB OverSeas staff members, opened the event, while giving an overview […]

New partnership with IECD in Saida

SB OverSeas is proud to announce its recent partnership between our Saida Center and the IECD’s « Semeurs d’Avenir » programme. Thanks to this collaboration, refugees in Saida will receive vocational training in painting which will empower them with the adequate professional background to be in control of their professional future. The programme consists of a 5 […]

SB ESPOIR: Painting a new start

Art can have the effect of a shooting star on a chilly night of winter; it embraces our fragile hearts and uplifts the soul. By discovering ourselves through art, we have the chance to heal our wounds and relieve the pain we carry on. Many people today talk about “art therapy”, which may include theatre, […]

How to help out!

A question we get often at SB OverSeas from good-hearted supporters is how they can help. It’s no secret that we have a tough time saying no to expanding our support reach and to keep doing this we need our community because you are the life and soul of SB OverSeas. With all our on-going […]

A cup of tea served by child brides

It was the beginning of this past fall when Louma Albik went on her regular trip to Lebanon to visit SB OverSeas centres and assess the needs of the families, mostly Syrian, living in refugee camps. At SB OverSeas, the role of Chairwoman is not limited to managing the organisation from the Brussels headquarter. Frequent […]

She got married for protection. She escaped for survival.

When the bombing started, at first people were paralysed by fear and uncertainty, having never experienced something of that kind before. Then the school was hit while children were attending classes inside. Sarah, along with the majority of the village’s parents, decided that it was necessary to seek refuge elsewhere in order to survive. She […]

20,000 families receive warm clothes in Lebanon!

On December 7th, the SB OverSeas team in Lebanon began distributing the 20 tons of goods collected by our Brussels team during our autumn Clothes Campaign! It was not an easy task to carry out, especially due to the desolated areas in which displaced communities live. With the winter approaching and the cold and snow […]

Brighten their Future campaign enters “Inspiration” weeks

Our Brighten Their Future campaign has been an enlightening experience for the SB OverSeas community. Our aim was to strengthen the link between our benefactors, most of which live in the West, and our beneficiaries on the ground. We did this by creating a 6 week countdown to the end of the year where we […]

Learn Arabic while volunteering!

Would you like to learn Arabic while volunteering in Lebanon? SB OverSeas is offering you the amazing opportunity to experience teaching in one of the SB OverSeas centres in Lebanon while also partaking in an intensive Arabic course. Fluency in Arabic is a vital tool for anyone that has an interest in working in the […]

SB Espoir – Climbing to New Heights

On a brisk December day, ten youth stood in rapt attention as they received their instructions. They stand gazing up at the towering expanse of the wall they will soon attempt to climb. Many of these youth had never seen a climbing wall before, let alone attempted to scale one. Sensations of excitement and anticipation […]

The University of Life

The bus from Beirut follows the coastal road south all the way to the town of Saida. If you are looking for the Ouzai refugee settlement you need only get off the bus when the seaside shops and restaurants appear, and turn around. To the left of a hospital’s glossy facades you will see a huge, […]

Mission Accomplished: Green Helmets complete construction work in Ouzai shelter

SB OverSeas and the German NGO “Green Helmets” (Grünhelme) collaborated to provide a safe, insulated shelter for displaced communities living in camps in Lebanon to live and learn this winter. The Green Helmets finished work on the Ouzai shelter in Saida, where SB OverSeas operates one of its centres, whose construction had been previously abandoned. […]

From volunteers in Lebanon to editors of “Bukra Ahla – For a better tomorrow”

A newly released photography book written by two SB OverSeas volunteers, Sara del Debbio and Sergio Porcarelli, present testimonies from Syrian children and families who fled the war to find a better life in Lebanon. After collecting stories and photographs during their stay at the Bukra Ahla Centre in Beirut over the summer of 2017, […]

Shatila, come out to play!

For International Children’s Day, SB OverSeas invited all children living in Shatila Camp to gather at the Classico Playground and spend the day taking part in fun activities. 500 children from different schools and centres participated in our celebration of childhood! Throughout the day, games and recreational activities were organised by our volunteers, including pyramid […]

War zone charity school re-opens in Lebanon after ISIL retreat

Belgian charity SB OverSeas announced this week that their school and women’s center in Arsal, northern Lebanon, has been re-opened. In July 2017, increased tensions and violence between government forces and retreating ISIL fighters in this “Red Zone” area forced SB OverSeas’ humanitarian projects to close temporarily. Of the one million Syrian refugees registered with […]

SB OverSeas Clothes Campaign: We did it!

What a success! Last month SB OverSeas ended its clothes campaign and shipped the collected goods to Lebanon. Thanks to the amazing efforts of all the persons, schools and partners who participated in this campaign, SB OverSeas was able to collect and send 20 tons of clothes and equipment to our team on the ground […]

Early marriage of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Author: Veronica Lari Context According to UNHCR’s latest updates, more than 1 million Syrian refugees live in Lebanon[1], meaning that it now hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees per capita in the world. The government of Lebanon is consistently refusing to give formal status to informal camps[2], and on the 6th May 2015 ordered […]

Millions of Syrian refugees denied education in Turkey

Author: Julie Baijot Introduction According to the UNHCR’s latest Global Trends report “Forced Displacement”, 65.6 million individuals were forcibly displaced because of persecution, conflict, violence, or Human Rights violations during 2016.[1] Among these 65.6 million, 22,5 million were refugees.[2] Today, the Syria Regional Refugee Response reports that 5,344,184 persons are registered as Syrian refugees globally.[3] […]

SB Espoir: Weekends To Look Forward To

SB Espoir provides weekly activities to refugee[1] youth living in Red Cross and Fedasil centers in Brussels, engaging the youth in activities ranging from chocolate-making to bike repairs.  We stood around the table at Laurent Gerbaud’s Chocolat Workshop, in the heart of Brussels, having just finished making our own chocolate tablets — a distinctly Belgian […]

SB OverSeas gains tax-deductible status in the USA

As of now, donors living and paying tax in the USA can make tax-deductible donations to SB OverSeas asbl, following the agreement of a new partnership between them and the King Baudouin Foundation US (KBFUS). The KBFUS is the US arm of the Belgian Fondation Roi Baudouin, and is a public charity, within the meaning […]

Give your clothes a second life

It’s September, which means that here in Brussels, the air is getting crisper, and we’re starting to pull out the jackets and coats. September means that winter is coming, and at SB Overseas, that means that we’re thinking about clothing. There’s an old survival rule that says you can survive three weeks without food, three […]

How I fell in love with teaching through SB OverSeas

Last summer, I quit my job and left for the Middle East to learn Arabic and volunteer. It wasn’t an easy choice, and it was one that I mulled over for a long amount of time. I had a stable office job, great friends, and a good apartment. But at the same time, I felt […]

Iftar 2017 – Breaking the fast with SB OverSeas

BRUSSELS – On June 16, SB OverSeas invited its supporters to break the Ramadan fast at the Birmingham Palace on Rue de Birmingham, Anderlecht. Among the hundreds of guests were volunteers of the SB Event group who organized this event, their families and friends, other SB volunteers, and refugee families. Each participant was sign of […]

Exhibition at La Monnaie event tells stories of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

BRUSSELS, 24th May 2017 A selection of paintings drawn by Syrian refugee girls participating in SB Overseas’ programmes in Lebanon were exhibited at the “Sounds of Longing” variety show organised by La Monnaie, the Belgian national opera, on 24th May 2017.  The 26 paintings featured at the entry of the Palais de la Monnaie at […]

SB Overseas and PwC employees make difference for young refugees in Brussels

BRUSSELS, 13 May 2017 A highly motivated group of employees from PricewaterhouseCoopers offered their time on a sunny Saturday afternoon to volunteer with SB OverSeas and the young refugees of the Centre d’Uccle Croix-Rouge. PwC employees from all across Belgium brought along family members to take part, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves – so much so […]

SB Overseas volunteer hosts photography exhibition in Graz

GRAZ, Austria, 8th May 2017   Fabian Rogatschnig, a former SB Overseas volunteer, organized a unique and powerful photo exhibition, Changing Perspectives: Seeing through the eyes of Syrian refugees, which illustrates the reality of Syrian refugees in Lebanon through the lens of 12 adolescent refugee girls. Fabian volunteered for SB Overseas in Saida from January […]

Brussels hosts conference on Syria’s future

The “Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region” took place last week on the 4th and 5th of April 2017. The European Union, the United Nations, as well as the governments of Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Qatar and the UK took part in the conference. The “Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future […]

SB Overseas launches Give Hope campaign

On the International Day of Hope, Soutien Belge Overseas has launched an awareness campaign called #GiveHope to promote the importance of education for refugee children. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011, nearly 5 million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries – and at least half of them are children. With government services […]

Volunteering with SB Overseas: how one smile can change the world

One fact about war Every morning, I read the news about armed conflicts worldwide. It is very hard to form an objective viewpoint due to the complexity of the problems and the often-contradictory reports.  But when I met refugee children and youth while volunteering with SB Overseas in Brussels, I realised something: even when the […]

My experience with the children of Bukra Ahla

My experience as a teacher at Bukra Ahla can be described in three words: challenging, exciting and full of new insights. During my time as a teacher, I had to learn the basics of informal teaching and how my dedication and effort was going to be a big part of achieving the overall objective: teaching […]

Our Christmas campaign brings presents to 510 refugee children in Lebanon

Every day, one hundred children from the Shatila refugee camp go to school at the Bukra Ahla center in Beirut where they are taught by SB Overseas staff from Syria and international volunteers from all over the world who support the staff primarily by giving Math and English classes. Sarah, Kaitlyn, Aphra and Morgane landed […]

Between the school and the sea: a visit to the Shatila camp

From the west-facing windows of SB Overseas’ apartment for Lebanon volunteers in Beirut, you can survey the jumbled sprawl of the Shatila refugee camp, between the school and the sea. Its storeys and terraces are irregular, the streets canopied with electric cables and water pipes, and the paneless windows look into dark tiled corridors in […]

SB OverSeas: Protecting Refugee Children

SB Overseas is focusing its efforts to enrol young refugees at our education centres in Beirut and Arsal. The majority of our students live in refugee camps where they are exposed every day to street fights, drugs and gangsters. Our centres are located near these camps, where there is widespread poverty, social conditions are hard […]

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