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What does the International day of girl mean for you?

I while ago I read Greg Mortenson’s famous book, Three cups of tea and a phrase stuck in my mind. He states that if you really want a make a real long-lasting change in a society, you need to start with the girls. To improve basic hygiene and sanitations standards as well as high children mortality rates […]

Professional training a way to build resilience for refugees and for those working with them

October marks the beginning of the SB OverSeas’ “SB Espoir” project’s winter cycle of activities with unaccompanied minors and women who are seeking asylum in Belgium. For this cycle, we recruited a new enthusiastic group of volunteers that will be joining us that we met last  weekend at our training and awareness day. For us, it […]

Guilty until proven minors

SB OverSeas supports the inclusion of young asylum-seeking people through the Sb Espoir project, but the protection of unaccompanied minors, recognized by the Belgian legislation—is under question. Age assessments is a procedure applied to many cases by the Belgian government, wherein 55% of the case, the youth are considered guilty until proven that they are […]

Towards an adequate protection of young people on the move in Belgium

This week we participated in a conference organized by the UNHCR and the platform for underage children in exile (Plate-forme mineurs en exil ). Scholars, public entities, NGOs and the tutors who guide the young migrants in their asylum process gathered together to discuss the ways in which we can all work together towards an adequate protection of young people on the move. During […]

Migration and Multilingualism: Encouraging diverse linguistic inclusion

As an officially multilingual country, something that’s plainly evident when you walk the streets of Brussels: it’s not uncommon to hear Turkish or Arabic spoken, maybe with a bit of a French fusion. This years UNESCO’s International Literacy Day celebrated on September 8 Focused on the theme of “Literacy and Multilingualism,” and brought us to re-think what […]

Looking to volunteer? Join SB Espoir & give hope to refugees in your community

Looking to volunteer? Join SB Espoir & give hope to refugees in your community SB OverSeas, a nonprofit organization working in Belgium and Lebanon, assisting those escaping conflicts through education and empowerment programs all while providing aid and raising awareness of the humanitarian crisis. Since 2015, we have been active supporting refugees in Brussels, from […]

How far would you go to Give Hope? Volunteering in Lebanon

For many, volunteering is an activity that habitually takes place throughout the years. For some individuals, volunteering begins at a young age with bake sales, helping at local churches or leading sports activities in community centres. For others, volunteering begins later in life, sometimes with a move to a new city looking for ways to […]

Have communications experience? Join the SB OverSeas team

WE ARE HIRING!  If you are passionate about communications, learning how an NGO works and working in the field with people on the move, then we are looking for someone just like you, don’t hesitate to apply to our paid internship position! As you might already know SB OverSeas is a non-profit organization which is […]

End-of-Summer cleaning: Donate your unused clothes for refugees to prepare for winter

Are you moving to a new apartment, got a new job or cleaning out your closet after coming back from your holiday? These changes will be reflected in your wardrobe. It’s not practical to bring every single piece of clothing you own, so make use of this opportunity to de-clutter. Summer is over and now […]

Sporting-up the summer holidays for asylum-seeking youth

The last few weeks of summer are coming to a close, but many take advantage of these last days for holidays enjoying their time together and trying new things. That’s exactly what the youth from several different reception centres in Brussels did this past Thursday holiday — they came together for a day of football […]

What Are The Youth Doing? – a report from Beirut & Aarsal

Read our report on the youth living in the Beirut and Aarsal settlements, based on data collected through household surveys. The data was collected by SB OverSeas staff over the course of 2018. The total number of households surveyed was 548, representing 2,800  individuals. The data was collected in Shatila in Beirut and in several […]



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