Our awareness initiative is focused on highlighting the refugee situation in Lebanon and Brussels, we international community to hear the naratives of people in this precarious situation. 

After several years supporting refugees in Education, Emergency Aid, and Empowerment, we realized how important it is to make the voices of these people and from our community heard.
We currently publish a comic series that highlights the stories of teenage girls (and younger) forced into marriage. These true stories of girls in our centres portray the effects that early marriage has on a girl’s access to school and her future.
We also publish updates of our work and stories from the ground to several news platforms in Belgium. SB Overseas attends events around Europe to promote our work and share good practices, including conferences organized by platforms that actively advocate for the rights on migrants such as ECRE, PICUM, Girls Not Brides, CNCD, Oxfam, among others.


“Just Married” Comic Series

by Félix Brassier

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been bringing you our stories we hear from the ground about the practice of child marriage. This started when our chairperson visited Lebanon last September and was served a cup of tea by a child bride.

Since then, SB OverSeas has been determined to raise awareness on the subject.



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