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Join the SB OverSeas Family in Brussels

We will be recruiting again in January for the next cycle, keep an eye our for updates on our social media!

Volunteer with SB Espoir

The SB Espoir volunteers participate in the activities on the weekend, in order to provide a cultural exchange, build a network and aid in their inclusion in Belgian society.

What does a volunteer do?

Volunteers are active participants in the psychosocial support activities, life skills workshops and cultural experiences conducted at the accommodation centres or around Brussels. Following the first month of activities, the volunteer will join either the Red Cross Team (Saturday activities) or the Fedasil Team (Sunday activities) that they will remain in for the entirety of the cycle. In the activities, they provide translation needed, help the youth/women in following the activity and are there to support the SB Espoir team members facilitating the activity.

Program Highlights

Professional experience: It is the perfect opportunity to enhance your CV and fulfil any school volunteer hour requirements. Gain first-hand experience working with youth and women with a migrant background. Twice in a cycle, volunteers also have access to trainings organised and supported by SB OverSeas on migration issues, skills for working in the humanitarian field, such as first-aid training and workshops on asylum process in Belgium, etc.

Personal growth and development: This volunteer position will push you out of your comfort zone as working with a group of youngsters is challenging and tests your intercultural communication skills. Additionally, through your interactions with SB staff, partners and your co-volunteers, you will be able to build relationships and connections across a broad spectrum of individuals working, studying and living in Brussels.

Growth within SB OverSeas: Our most active volunteers also participate in the planning activities and are prioritised for internship and work positions at the SB OverSeas office in Brussels. Volunteers with SB Espoir are also given priority when applying to volunteer with SB OverSeas in our education centres in Lebanon.

Got any questions? Please send your queries to

Read the testimonials from some of our wonderful SB Espoir volunteers and also our feature in Brussels Express.

The volunteering programme is part-time. To take part, we require that volunteers must:

  • commit for 3 months, October to December 2019
  • be able to volunteer with us for at least two weekend afternoons per month
  • have a working knowledge of either English and/or French.

Experience with working with youth and/or working in a refugee setting is highly appreciated. Individuals that speak Spanish, Pashto, Dari/Farsi, Arabic and Kurdish are encouraged to apply.

Following interview, selection and training, volunteers are required to sign our contract with includes volunteer insurance for the activities prior to participating at any of the centres.

Important Dates

Candidates will be notified if they have been selected for an interview on Friday, 20 September and the interviews will take place between Monday 23 to Thursday 26 September.

The mandatory volunteer training day will take place on Saturday, September 28.

Interested in joining us? Fill out the application above.

Write for us & Share our Work!

Are you passionate about topics related to unaccompanied minors, migration and integration, and other topics related to SB Espoir? If yes, then share these with us on our blogs and monthly reports.

We’d like to feature blog posts and articles from not only our volunteers but also dedicated individuals! You can write about an experience you had while volunteering and/or working with SB Espoir.

It is important to share the work of SB Espoir with the public and contextualise the observations and lessons learned working on the ground directly with the youth in the centers to situation in Belgium and Europe. In addition to these activities, contributions by volunteers and active members enable SB Espoir to communicate information on a wide range of topics relevant to the activities and inform about the work done in SB Espoir alongside the SB OverSeas press releases.

Interested? Contact us at

Intern with SB

Passionate about the work we do at SB Espoir and want to be more involved?

Become part of the SB Espoir team to provide help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community while learning valuable skills as an SB intern.

SB Overseas proposes multiple internships positions at its headquarters in Brussels on a wide basis of roles, such as project development, communications and digital fundraising, with minimum commitments of 3 months.

Interested? Check out our jobs page to find current vacancies or send us your CV and short cover letter at

Stay connected

SB Espoir and SB OverSeas continuously strive to learn from our experiences and current developments to improve our work of supporting people in need of help.

Help spread the work we do and ways for everyone to support our cause. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Propose an Activity or Workshop

Want to propose an activity and/or workshop with SB Espoir?

We work hard to encourage initiatives by individuals and members for activities and workshops with the youth in the Centers.

Local partnerships not only enable the youth to create contacts outside of the centre but also provide the opportunity for engaged individuals and organisations to introduce the youth to activities and practices, which in turn reveal their, sometimes unknown, talent and passion.

These activities can be about something you love, such as hobbies and sports, and training you may provide to others.

Read here some of the partnerships we have done for activities and workshops.