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Stories of Hope

“I have become more hopeful towards my future”

I was under a lot of stress and felt depressed but here at SB the psychology sessions have thought me to release all of my negative thoughts in a healthy way. I feel that I have become more hopeful towards my future.

Crafts and learning skills for income

After several months SB offered me a sewing machine with which I am now creating and selling pieces of clothing from home.

Married young, but continuing her academic career

My mom and dad decided that I should get engaged to a relative without asking me if I wanted this. I was very sad but I couldn’t say no.

Improving her confidence while learning

The SB center in Saida gave me the opportunity to improve my level and gain self-confidence, I have been attending classes for a year and it makes me very happy.

Lawyer dreams at age 14

SB Overseas allows me to work on my dream to become a lawyer one day.

Stepping into a more positive environment

Going to class gives me the opportunity to get out of my depressing environment and learn things that can benefit me in my daily life.

Earning a sewing machine that made her independent

was a top rank student and got a sewing machine as reward from SB, this machine has allowed me to have a low income and now I do not have to rely on anyone else to make a living.

“I feel happy every time I attend the classes”

feel happy every time I attend the classes.

I arrived in Lebanon a single broken woman with a son

I arrived in Lebanon a single broken woman. I had nothing. I did not know what will happen to my future.

“I discovered myself at the centre”

When I registered at SB’s center, it made me really happy, the classes have helped me harness many skills like knitting, it also improved my English and Arabic.

“I have a clear life goal now: to learn and to write stories”

My character has improved, I do not get angry so easily. I have a clear life goal now: to learn and to write stories.

“My character grew even stronger than ever before”

My studies in SB’s Beirut center are great, I have learned a lot

Forget the daily struggles, even just for a moment

In Syria, before marriage, everything was just fine. When I got married my life started to get worse.

Giving her children the right tools to be empowered

Coming to SB’s Bukra Ahla center has given me the chance to learn new things, some sessions have taught me how to better handle the situation

Having time away from my responsibilities and worries

The way I raise my children has changed and our communication has improved. I talk to them to understand their frustrations, I do not use my hands.

Faith and learning in Beirut

By coming to the sessions at the Bukra Ahala center, I am learning new things that I didn’t know before.